2nd – #6 Likhang Kamay Collaboratives (Prize:35,000.00)
1st – #7 The Royals (Prize:50,000.00)
Grand Winner – #5 Tribu Mamugnaon (Prize:100,000.00)
Consolation Prizes were given at 5,000.00 each

A competition between local artists and creatives showcasing a costume that depicts the icons of Bohol.

The objective of this competition is to discover and expose the creativity of Boholano artists in crafting masterpieces using the rich culture and natural resources of Bohol.

Each of them were intricately designed and inspired by the icons they represent:

*Iconique Minds – Depicts White sand beaches of Bohol
*Balilihan Events Artist Team – Inspired by the Raffia Cloth
*Team Candijay – Chocolate Hills inspired design
*Tribu Mamugnaon – Inspired by Indigenous Nito
*Likhang Kamay Collaboratives – Inspired by the intricacy of Antiquera Baskets
*The Royals – Inspired by the Historic Ancestral Houses of Bohol
*Perfunas Incantation Inspired by the wide-eyed Bohol Tarsier
*AJ’s Obra Production – Inspired by the thriving Bohol Agriculture Industry
*Dauntless Rainbow Advocates of Getafe – Inspired by the beauty of the underwater Bohol coral reef
*Alpha Cat Creation – Inspired by the original Asin Tibuok
*Mugna De la Jagna – Inspired by the Historic Bohol Churches

Boholana 2022 shows how creative Bol-anons can be. Intricate designs, carefully hand-picked materials, they deserve an applaud for a job well-done.

The amount of love and passion that the designers put into their masterpiece clearly shows that we have a BOHOL that we can be proud of.

The event was graced by our beautiful and dynamic First Lady of Bohol and 2nd District Representative, Congresswoman Van-van Cadorna Aumentado with her inspiring welcome message.
Gov. Aris Aumentado may not be present in the event but surely he was well represented and this event will have a story to tell.