The latest Labor Market Information (LMI) data yields more promising numbers this month.For the first time in the past two years since the pandemic struck, LMI results are peaking up and the Provincial Government sees this as a sign that labor situations are getting better, companies and establishments are recovering and Boholanos are definitely getting back on their feet.

LMI provides the knowledge and understanding of how the labor market functions and is crucial for “making sense” of changing economic circumstances, including reflecting upon what the future holds.Majority of the jobseekers favored the positions offered for office clerks, data encoder, cashier, call center agents, office cleaner, gardener, domestic helper, sales clerk, sales lady and hotel housekeeping attendant.

The five top industries favored by jobseekers are those engaged in construction, wholesale and retail trade, hotel and restaurants and activities of private households as employers are mostly preferred. (BEPO-PESO)