Bohol Provincial Environment Management Office technical personnel together with Hon. Ranullfo Bitoy, Barangay Captain of Sta. Felomina, Alburquerque conducted a site verification of the reported dead or dying mangrove stands. Based on physical observation, the accumulation or deposition of sand in the area causes the mortality of several mangroves because the pneumatophores were already covered with thick sand.

One possible cause is the removal of piled rocks located at the southwestern part of the beach and collected rocks were used to construct concrete access to the beach area which could also contribute to the deposition of sand at the back side of the riprap.

The other site which was located at the back of a residential house, the team found out that there are some tangal and malatangal species that are dead or dying probably because of the presence of stagnant water even during the lowest tide. The bigger mangroves like piapi, bungalon, and pagatpat are not affected because the pneumatophores are not submerged.