To improve maternal and child nutrition for the 1-Year Provincial Implementation Plan 2023, the Provincial Nutrition Council will focus on prenatal and postnatal nutrition through implementing the first 1000 days Program.

During its advocacy visit with Governor Aumentado on October 13, 2022, the Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC) of Bohol presented its 2023 goal of combating malnutrition for pregnant women and ensuring proper nutrition for the first 1000 days of life, a period of pregnancy up to the first two (2) years of a child. In addition, PNC presented that Nutrition coordinators will provide prenatal visits, dietary supplements, advocacy to enforce and monitor ordinances and policies concerning breastfeeding and establish complementary food production plants for pregnant mothers. This is an effort to incorporate the First 1000 Days Program from the 2017-2022 Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition of the National Nutrition Council that advocates for better prenatal and postnatal nutrition for Filipino mothers and children.

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy has been an advocacy for the PNC, incorporating maternal health programs for years. With next year’s implementation plan, Bohol hopes to ensure proper natal health for its mothers and avoid malnutrition that could lead to stillbirth, low birth weight, wasting, and developmental delays for children. (GMC)