Governor Erico Aristotle “Aris” C. Aumentado has signed an executive order that strictly enforces the load limit of bridges across the province in order to ensure the safety of the riding public and other road users, and also avoid the past accidents that two bridges in the province have

Executive Order No. 49, which was signed today, November 2, 2022, mandates that the load limits of bridges shall be strictly observed by all road users and enforced by different government authorities such as the component LGUs, Bohol Police Provincial Police Office of the PNP, DPWH District Engineering Offices, and the Provincial Engineer’s Office.

The order also directs that all bridges in the Province of Bohol shall have visible load limit signs at both ends to make sure that road users are warned and prevent vehicles from crossing the same if their capacity is over the limit.

Cargo vehicles, delivery trucks and vans, or prime movers with extended sidings or modifications to carry more load than originally intended are not allowed by the order to cross bridges.

Additionally, the Sanggunaiang Panlalawigan is encouraged by Aumentado in this document to enact an ordinance that will penalize individuals who will cross bridges that are beyond the prescribed load limit.

The executive order is issued by the governor in light of the recent collapse of Clarin Bridge in Loay and Borja Bridge in Catigbian, which are said to be caused by vehicle overloading.