Transport Sector resource person Jojo Baritua of the Bohol Transport Cooperative called on tourist transport players to legitimized their operations in accordance with tourism travel standards.

Baritua said during Friday’s Capitol Reports that there are about 500 accredited transport units in the province. He however lamented that there are still around 600 unaccredited units that are operating in the province.

He also stressed the importance of DOT accreditation not only for the tour operators but also for the tourist transport vehicles on the collaborative arrangement for welcoming visitors at the sea ports.

“This is for the protection of our guests,” Baritua said as he shared ease of accreditation process.
He also commended the Provincial Government for its effort to come up with the Local Public Transport Road Plan, an important requirement for the business aspect of tour and travel operations as well as in ensuring proper implementation of route plans.

He said the support of the local government as well as law enforcement agencies are helpful in addressing tourist/transport woes.