The Provincial Engineering Office says that the concreting of the provincial road will reach 62.3%, reaching 521 km worth of concreted pavement by the end of 2022, according to Provincial Engineer Camilo Gasatan.

In PEO’s progress report for 2022, 16 roads were classified as completed this year, with 8 roads classified at 60 percent and above in completion. As of November 15, 2022, PEO reported 518.25 km of the provincial road finished concreting, 24.92 km asphalted, and 292.38 km remained unpaved.

Others, such as Maintenance activities accomplished 70.97 % of scheduled bridge maintenance activities targets, like durability inspections, design conditions, and load-carrying capacity, in accordance with the yearly Annual Maintenance Work Program. PEO added that they will limit the load-carrying capacity of bridges. The decision was made to avoid accidents similar to the Borja Bridge collapse and the old Clarin Bridge collapse that happened this year.