The Provincial Government of Bohol holds a Civic Action Program on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at Barangay Bayawahan, Sevilla, offering public services for residents.

One of Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado’s promises of bringing the government to the people, the civic Action Program offers a range of services from PGBh, such as medical/dental consultations, legal counseling, Native fruit-bearing trees, livestock vitamins, Provincial road assessments, vitamins, assistive devices for the elderly, employment consultation, haircut, and a feeding program. Provincial Administrator Asteria Caberte, attended the event and expressed the importance of civil action programs to make the Provincial Government more visible in offering their services for the people, especially in remote areas.

“This is a very important initiative from the Governor because most of the time our programs do not reach the people, especially in remote areas. This is the reason why our Governor Aris is determined to bring the services to enjoy what the governor has to offer,” PA Caberte said.

Esther Cabudlan, a resident in Brgy. Bayawahan, expressed her excitement for the Governor to reach out to them, despite his busy schedule and the remoteness of their location.

“Among pasalamatan si Governor Aris sa dakong serbisyo nga iyang gihatag. Nalipay mig dako kay makatilaw mi sa tabang sa among Gobyerno,” Cabudlan said.

The Civic Action Program held today is a joint effort from PGBh with the Municipality of Sevilla, OPSWD, OPV, OPA, BEPO-PESO, Provincial Mobile Force- 4th Manouver Platoon, PHO, BEMO, PPDO, and Governor’s Office. PGBh is currently identifying more remote areas in Bohol where they’ll hold more Civic Action Programs in the future.