65 Public Health Nurses from all over Bohol, gathered for the monthly Bohol Association of Public Health Nurses (BAPHN) meeting to appeal to Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado on their concerns, such as full implementation on the Magna Carta benefits for Public Health Workers and a unified Salary Grade.

Held on Thursday, November 24, 2022, at the Panda Tea Garden, the meeting touched base on pay concerns from Public Health Nurses, requesting for a uniformed salary grade for public health workers in all Local Government Units and a full implementation of the Magna Carta Benefits of Public Health Workers, containing a 25% hazard pay for workers public medical centers. BAPHN President Mairene Boiser- Uy, RN, MAN shares that the association is excited the Governor is visiting them to listen to their concerns.

“We are appealing to Governor Aris as he is the father of this land to appeal to Local Chief Executives of every municipality to fully implement the magna carte for health workers that gives 25% hazard pay to them,” the BAPHN president said.

She added that nurses faced discrimination during the peak of of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the nature of their work.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic peak, we were the frontliners of the community. We felt discriminated when we go to public areas, people were scared to go near us due to our profession,”

She revealed that some municipalities only offer 5-10% of the hazard pay for public health workers. Uy added that she is optimistic the Governor will listen to their concerns and come up with solutions.

Governor Aumentado arrived in the meeting to share an encouraging message to the association members.

“Kahibaw ko unsa mo kabun-og pag pandemya, inyong mga paningkamot dili lalim, mao na kamo ang modern day heroes karong pandemya,” Governor Aumentado said.

He assured the attendees that the Provincial Government of Bohol will listen to their concerns and will come up solutions to address them. Governor Aumentado added that he will plan a meeting with the budget officer for their concerns, and he will send a letter to municipalities with a copy of magna carta attached to it to remind them to fully implement it.