Governor Aris Aumentado vowed to stop any illegal operations of quarries, including those unlawful sand and gravel extraction in any area in Bohol. The statement came after he met the operators on August 3, 2022. In that meeting the quarry operators confirmed that indeed they personally met ”Ivan.”

The name of “Ivan” surfaced in many social and mainstream media because of the alleged “kotong” or bribery allegedly perpetrated by “Ivan” in past administration. “Akong klarohon. Adunay mga quarry operators nga naka-violate sa ilang permit ug gipahamtangan og penalty. Apan ang nahitabo, matod pa sa mga operators, gipasobrahan ang penalty nga ilang bayran aron mapugos sila og areglo. Gipangayoan sila og ubos-ubos nga kantidad apan gamay ra ang mosulod sa kaban sa gobierno.”

He also made it clear that operators may work with their quarry areas as long as they comply with all the requirements and pay the exact amount following the process. He urged the quarry operators to follow the terms and conditions of the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) issued to the by the DENR and the permit issued by the provincial government. He also warned to halt any quarry operations that are detrimental to the environment.

On the alleged P80 million on penalties said to be milked by “Ivan,” the governor said that he will refer this to the provincial legal office and Bohol Mineral Resources Regulatory Office (BMinRRO) for review to find out he exact amount of the penalties. The statement is a reply to the trolls who criticized his administration as regards the collectible penalties.

The governor said, “Kahibalo na kita kang kinsa ning mga trolls. Gusto lang nila pakaulawan ang akong administrasyon. Wala pa gihapon sila maka move-on hangtud karon.” The governor said the exact amount of payments for quarry operations should be collected only, no less, no more. Under the Local Government Code, the governor is mandated to “exclusively” sign the quarry or sand and gravel permit. It (LGC) also provides shares of quarry/sand/gravel taxes: Province and municipality, 30% apiece and barangays, where the quarry/extraction is located, 40%.

As part of the transparency thrusts so the public may know, list of active quarry operators, kind of earth materials, approved volume of minerals and location has been disclosed by the office of the Bohol Mineral Resources Regulatory Office (BMRRO) of the provincial government. There are 45 of them who were given permits by previous administration in varying types of earth materials to be extracted.

Under section 138 of the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991, “the permit to extract sand, gravel and other quarry resources shall be issued exclusively by the provincial governor.” The sharing of proceeds from taxes levied on extracted quarry resources is as follows: Province and municipality/component city shall be 30% apiece and barangay where the quarry is extracted, 40%. Meanwhile, the list of active quarry operators, kind of earth materials, approved volume of minerals and location has been disclosed by the office of the Bohol Mineral Resources Regulatory Office (BMRRO) of the provincial government.

The ACAI/ F. Borja whose site is located in Candajec, Clarin, Bohol for 10,000 cubic meters of Basal/andesite.
For mining Peridotite, Necifora Yu, Cabatang, Alicia, Bohol, 10,000 cu.m..
For extracting Diorite: Josephine Arapan, Sto. Tomas, Trinidad, Bohol 5,000 cu.m.;
Gerson Artiaga, Zamora, Talibon, Bohol, 2,000cu.m.;
Gary Lou Dulang, Bagacay, Talibon, 10,000 cu.m.;
Gerry Lou Dulang, Tanghalige, Talibon, 20,000 cu.m.;
Marlon Membrillos, Cambus-oc, Buenavista, 10,000 cu.m.;
Leonardo Mendez, Valaga & Lungsodaan, Mabini, 11,500 cu.m. and
Serafin Rejas, Sto. Tomas, Trinidad, 20,000 cu.m.
Limestone: Perpetuo Arambala, San Juan, Buenavista,20,000 cu.m.;
Basilio Balahay, Jr., Cabatang, Alicia, 20,000 cu.m.;
BNYU/Cara Marie Yu, Candavid, Maribojoc, 20,000 cu.m.;
Virginia Cirunay, Oy, Loboc, 20,000 cu.m.;
Herminia Clavite, Villafuerte, Carmen, 5,000 cu.m.;
Ganimar Darunday, Ilihan, Ubay, 20,000 Cum.;
James Estapia, Bulawan, Mabini, 10,000 cu.m.;
Shelly Gao, Buyog, Getafe, 10,000 cu.m.;
Eduardo Labunog, Cambanac, Baclayon, 90,000 cu.m.;
Rodrigo Labunog, Cambanac, Baclayon, 170,000 cu.m.;
Rebeca Libres, San Jose, Mabini, 10,000cu.m.;
Cesar Maluenda, Sinandigan, Ubay, 10,000cu.m.;
Salvador Maluenda, Cancatac, Corella, 30,000cu.m.;
Nestor Requieron, Napo, Alicia, 40,000cu.m.;
Mary Ann Rianzo, Buenos Aires, & Libertad, Tubigon, 20,000cu.m.;
Redan Suarez, Bahan, Inabanga, 40,000cu.m.;
Lejarde Tajale, Rizal, Bilar, 10,000cu.m.;
Arnulfa Travero, San Jose, Getafe, 7,000cu.m.;
John Albert Uy, Cansibuan, Antequera, 20,000cu.m.;
Val Anthony Uy, Cansibuan, Anteuera, 20,000cu.m.;
and Neil Orven Yu, Oy, Loboc, 30,000cu.m.
Commercial Sand&Gravel: Leonardo Acenas, Cansuhay, Duero, 10,000cu.m.;
Lucresio Amora, Bulawan&Canhaway, Guindulman, 2,000;
Segundo Anod, Lonoy Roma, Nabuad, Liloan, Inabanga, 4,000;
Jerry Bedua, Santo Nino, Danao, 4,000;
Asterio Casing, Canhaway/Catjngawan Sur, Guindulman, 2,000;
Jose Cellan, Cawayan/apo, Inabanga, 30,000;
Judith Celocia, nahud, Danao, 2,000;
Anita Gudez, Saa, Inabanga, 20,000cu.m.;
Rodrigo Golosino, Bulawan/Canhaway, Guindulman, 4,000;
Ruel Limocon, Talenceras, Tubigon, 50,000;
Jose Nalugon, Loctob/Balingasao, Valencia, 20,000;
Nepthali Silao, Mambool, Duero/Lonoy, Jagna, 20,000;
Emmanuel Tubig, Canhaway, Guindulman, 1,000cu.m.;
and Rodrigo Virtudazo, CAsbu, Guindulman, 1,000cum.
Industrial Sand and Gravel: AMRI/Fernando Borja, Bosongon, Tubigon, 15,000cu.m.

The list is signed by officer-in-charge verification unit Hilarie V. Gonzales and acting BMinRRO chief Engr. Ana Luisa Galicinao. (rvo)